Common - Out On Bond (feat. Vince Staples)

Fresh out the county, shoes with no laces
Los Padrinos to juvenile placement
Known for C-notes, the feds confiscatin’
Back to that block with brains on the pavement
Paid restitution, O from the lootin’ enter
Cause they did it, you was influenced
Your mind gone, life don’t seem much bigger
Than your time zonebroke as the rich get richer
Blunt burnt lips and a worn out liver
That’s everyday livin’, guns everywhere chillin’
Got you feelin’ like this money comin’ sooner than later
'Til then I'll be runnin' from the judge and the bailiff
Crime commitin’ cause these women love a man in Mercedes
I never save for when it’s rainy, hope Jehovah can save me
While I’m out on bond tryin’ to buy my time
'Til I hit the main line in that cell confined.

Vince Staples flow flawless as usual.

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August 3rd.

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